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1.  What is Pay Prompt?


Pay Prompt is a web-based program that helps make it easy for you to comply with the new prompt payment and adjudication rules coming into force on October 1, 2019.  It will help you to manage deadlines such as


  • when you will get paid

  • when you have to pay others 

  • when you can expect to receive notices of non-payment

  • when you need to give notices of non-payment


Pay Prompt stores all of your deadlines in one dashboard and allows you to diarize and send notifications of these deadlines to others on the project by calendar invitations, text and email. 


2.  Who are you? 


Pay Prompt was founded by three lawyers: Jeff Scorgie, Krista Chaytor and Faren Bogach.  We practice construction law in Toronto. 


3. Why did you create Pay Prompt?


We listened.  The rules are new and complicated.  They apply to everyone in the construction pyramid.  No one was paying attention to how the changes will affect the operations, cash flow and payment processes of organizations.  As much as we like charging by the hour for our work, we knew there was an easier way for organizations to manage the changes – Pay Prompt. 


4.  Can I see the software?


Yes!  We love showing off our product. We would be delighted to show you a demo and see if Pay Prompt can help your organization.  We also find Pay Prompt is a great tool for explaining the changes to the Construction Act!


5.  How can I sign up?

Contact us at and we can get you started!

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